Court Issues Jail Sentence for Movie Piracy

A Montreal man has been sentenced to 2 1/2 months in jail for unauthorized recording and distribution of movies.


  1. Bill MacEachern says:

    Well how about that
    Conservatiev MP Rahim Jaffer gets caught drunk driving with cocaine and gets a $500 fine and no record. However, if you tape a movie you go to jail. WOnderful world we live in. WHo is more of a danger to the public good?

  2. Fried Green Tomatoes?
    “He was nabbed at a downtown Montreal cinema, caught red-handed with a camcorder recording a number of Hollywood hits, including Fried Green Tomatoes.”

    Fried Green Tomatoes was released in 1991…

    “Police said he would upload them to the Internet and charge users a fee to view them.”

    I want to see some evidence of this before I believe it.

  3. Well…
    His lawyer said something along the lines of: The fee was cheap compared to the quality of his ill-gotten copy.

    PS: Once aggain the proof that current canadian law on copyright is enought, we dont need a death sentance on piracy, nor we need something as stupid as ACTA’s current known implementation.