Bryan Adams Get Private PM Audience To Jam and Lobby on Copyright

The Toronto Star and National Post reports that Bryan Adams was quietly invited to a private meeting at the Prime Minister's residence, offering the chance for a jam session and some lobbying on copyright.


  1. Ahh…
    …the good ‘ole Harper misdirection method at work again.

  2. so
    What *are* Adams’ views on copyright legislation? Is this good news or more bad news?

  3. btrussell says:

    “But it was his surprise appearance onstage at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre last October that was a true publicity coup. Backed by famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Harper sang and played on piano the Beatles song, “With a Little Help From My Friends.””–bryan-adams-jams-with-stephen-harper?bn=1

    Has the RIAA contacted him about public performance fees? Or does he own the rights to the song?

  4. Captain Hook says:

    I’m sure the event organizers would have made sure that any applicable license fees were paid.

  5. Dwight Williams says:

    Josh asked good questions…
    …and I hope we get clear and honest answers.

  6. Photo Op
    This was a joke. The PM’s staff turned it into a jam session photo op to portray Harper as ‘cool’. Adams should be ashamed for letting himself be played so perfectly with a PM who has encouraged resentment of artists and has cut deeply into arts funding.

  7. Captain Hook says:

    Adams is far to shallow to ever be ashamed. He just wants his money. A chance to push for stronger copyright and get a little publicity at the same time is a no-brainer for him.

  8. Rick Harris says:

    I play a mean axe …
    I play a mean Spanish guitar and believe in Creative Commons Licensing. Can I jam with the PM and push my views on copyright?


    Didn’t think so.

    Adam is a washed up artist who hasn’t released anything of substance in 15-20 years.

  9. The Canadian Govt has apologized for Bryan Adams on numerous occasions.

  10. I find it very ironic that harper turned down a same invitation by bono from u2 to discuss Aid to Africa, because he did not want to talk to celebrities yet he’ll open his doors wide open with Bryan about copyright.

  11. Danlantic says:

    Beach bum
    Adams is trying to protect his retirement and a supplemental income for his great grandchildren.

    Here in the US of A a band must keep a playlist and submit it to ASCAP. I met an ASCAP enforcement agent (he looked like a detective) at a bar which had a party and a live band which had not submitted a list. How did they know? The party was advertised by flyers only. Well, they do find out.

    I have a friend who has a beach shop and plays Jimmy Buffett and steel drum recordings. The guy from the adjacent surf shop complained that they were too mellow and wanted to lend her some louder rock. But she can play the songs she does because she also sells the CDs. She was raised in a family restaurant which had the radio playing. It was busted by ASCAP. If you have the radio playing you are an entertainment venue and while the radio station had to pay a royalty — so do you.

    American Idol would say in its first seasons that the contestants could search all the songs of the past to come up with ones to sing. Not quite. The Beatles songs have a much higher royalty. They also had a Billy Joel week. I remember that Kimberly Locke hit her stride when she became a cool jazz singer with “New York State of Mind”. He didn’t show up but he demanded the right of approval that a particular individual get permission for a particular song because he didn’t want his songs mutilated.

    Adams is a professional. I am quite certain when he sang “With a Little Help from my Friends” he sent in the royalty fee to the owner (which is likely to be the Michael Jackson estate because MJ bought up about half of the Beatles’ songs.)