European Data Protection Officials Say Facebook Putting Privacy At Risk

The Financial Times reports that European data protection officials have written a letter to Facebook arguing that its December changes to user default settings were "unacceptable."


  1. Michael Leamy says:

    We all have a role.
    One of the roles of government is to protect citizens from entities like Facebook who have “lost their way”. When they don’t, our role is to remind them.

  2. Damian Nestrovich says:

    The world has changed
    I think these old-world governments just don’t realize that the world has changed, especially the attitudes of the youth. People are used to over-sharing. DirtyPhoneBook wouldn’t be able to flourish in a world where this wasn’t the case. Facebook should do a better job explaining how the site works to its userbase, but this is how the world is going to work from now on and there’s nothing anybody, not even European data protection officials, can really do.