Moore Getting Testy With Canadian DMCA Critics

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore has been responding directly to many Twitter critics about their concerns with the likely direction of Canadian copyright law.  Moore appears to be getting increasingly testy, as evidenced by one exchange over the weekend in which he told one person "you have no idea" and that "we'd live in a better world" if people waited to read the bill before commenting.


  1. Of course the big question is a better world for whom?

  2. Dwight Williams says:

    Not much else to say on that score for now.

  3. Paying Attention
    Perhaps the pressure of being handed the task of spinning the RIAA/MPAA list of directives, and the knowledge that he cannot impose all of them, without turfing his party out of office, is starting to register? On a positive note, at least he’s paying attention – it’s more than we’ve gotten from him/them for our Copyright Consultation submissions, apparently. My gut tells me he recognizes there is no winning here, for him, so he may as well just bring the industry demands straight to the table, again. Based on their previous promotions (uh, yes, we do have an idea, Mr. Moore, and OUR world was not going to be better), I think it is entirely reasonable to expect the worst, reworded. I mean, you’re tabling the third attempt at a bill which has already been twice determined unsoound for our country, wouldn’t you say you and yours have earned Canadians’ mistrust, at this point? Personally, I would’ve preferred to see Clement’s proposal; I’d certainly like to compare his against yours, maybe a bit of insight from you as to why you think your proposal is the better one for us.

  4. So the phrase ‘once bitten, twice shy’ is unknown to these folks.

  5. kellythedog says:

    i find that when people start to get “testy” that usually means they are unsure of what they are doing, or they are dreading the outcome.

  6. Michael Leamy says:

    PPoC is making a difference!
    It is more than a little encouraging to see members of the Pirate Party of Canada making a difference. Kudos. 🙂

  7. Testy?
    He probably is just trying to buy time by saying “Wait for the bill,” but these responses don’t seem very ‘testy’ to me…especially for twitter.

  8. Testy?
    A Minister telling someone they have no idea sure sounds testy to me.

  9. A bringer of bad news wishes silence
    Think about it for a moment – if a minister has good news for the public, the minister would release the details as early as possible to reap the minister’s glory and to sustain the goodwill as long as possible. However, if a minister brings bad news to the public, the minister will want to release nothing or at least release little details while nobody is noticing, especially around summer when people are on vacation.

    If Moore wants the public to shutup before reading the bill, then we all know he’s just going to tell us what we suspect anyway. I welcome your Canadian DMCA Mr. Moore. Since you have wasted my time participating in the copyright consultation that led nowhere in the public’s interest, I will not waste time on voting for your party.

    The political system we have now is retarded. The public has stated our opinion, but the politicians ignore us at will because we don’t bring them cash in suitcases.

    We really need a change in the voting system. We need a new complaint system rather than a voting system. Voters or people unhappy with a party would cast a complaint against a party; and the party with the least amount of complaints would be in power.

  10. This Moore MP is just a liar!!! Everyone that has been victimized by the BC condo gotten no assistant as he promised he would do for them. He spends more time talking about the low life sport,UFC when there are families struggling to support their families and wouldn’t care less if the HST is going to affect them. IT’S TIME TO QUESTION HIM HOW MUCH OF OUR TAX MONEY HE HAS BEEN USING TO TRAVEL, EAT, FLY AND ABUSED THE SYSTEM WHILE WE ARE GETTING TAXED AND TAXED. If he is a professional, he wouldn’t be commenting via Twitter and show face to the majority in support of the copy right latest bill.