Agenda For Round Nine of ACTA Talks Posted

The agenda for the ninth round of ACTA talks scheduled for Lucerne, Switzerland from June 28 – July 1st.  All the major issues – civil enforcement, criminal provisions, Internet issues, and border measures – are on the agenda.  The agenda includes two elements that suggest considerable progress has been made.  First, the morning of the first day is devoted to a report on "intersessional work." This confirms rumours that there have been considerable negotiations (and progress) since New Zealand.  Second, the international cooperation chapter makes the agenda for the first time.  Its inclusion similarly suggests that countries are nearing agreement on the substantive areas and beginning to think about the rest of the text.  While ACTA won't be finalized in Switzerland, real progress would not be a surprise.  Finally, transparency is included toward the end of the final day, meaning that questions about whether an updated draft will be released should be addressed before concluding the round of talks.


  1. btrussell says:

    Real progress would be to scrap it now.

  2. @ btrussell

    Amen to that! I doubt the brain dead politicians will listen though since the entire thing is w/o a doubt fueled by the “MPAA / RIAA etc” and they want it to effectively bypass national laws and present a “US” system for the world under the pathetic guise of “piracy”.

  3. Chris Brand says:

    No, this one’s under the (dis)guise of “counterfeiting”.

  4. pat donovan says:

    with china and Indian coming out against ACTRA, hopefully the world will put all the effort into adhereing to the treaty that the US puts into theirs.
    free trade in limber, for instance, where a LACK of taxes is a called a subsity.


  5. @ Chris Brand

    lol.. my bad.. using the wrong label for the US’s “industry” peons pile of BS 🙂

    ACTA simply is a farce and must be stopped.

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