Copyright Bill Shortchanges Consumers

The Edmonton Journal runs an op-ed on the negative implications of the digital lock provisions in C-32 for Canadian consumers.


  1. That’s some of the worst writing I’ve seen in a newspaper. And this person is a vice president of a university?

    I guess that’s why academics have editors…

  2. justanexer says:

    I’m not really sure where your coming from, I don’t see errors or anything that would make it the ‘worst writing seen in a newspaper.’
    I personally think the writing style is bang on for it’s purpose – an easy read that explains the problems with tpm as presented in the bill. It’s not literature nor academic writing… it’s for quick informative consumption.

  3. Robert Smits says:

    It’s just the usual spin-doctoring by the entertainment lobby, that’s all. It certainly isn’t bad writing.

  4. Proof? You can’t handle the proof!
    @AWJ – It’s bad because it’s against the bill, of course! Who needs more examples other than that?

    Seriously, bad how? Give at least a few significant examples before spewing trash talk. Plus, even assuming the grammar is bad (which I assume you speak of since you don’t say what’s wrong) you avoided the subject matter of the article completely. It’s more of a personal letter than a news article if that’s your beef and what’s wrong with that, A Wrong Jerk?