Liberals, NDP Both Focus on C-32 Digital Lock Provisions

Reaction from both the Liberals and NDP focus on C-32 digital lock provisions.  Liberal critic Marc Garneau told that the bill seemed to be missing an exception that would allow people to break digital locks if it was for private, non-commercial use.  Meanwhile, the NDP's Charlie Angus argued "the only rights you will get under this bill are those that U.S.-based entertainment concerns decide you get. If the technological protections override those rights, then you have no rights."  Both MPs suggested that fast tracking the bill through summer hearings is not the right approach.


  1. Hazen Valliant-Saunders says:

    Well I’m glad to see there are at least two spines in Parliment.

  2. This is good!
    Re: Marc Garneau
    Allowing private non-commercial use will not criminalize the Canadian populace. This is good solid thought on his part, the sort of stuff that gets you elected:) The Conservatives really dropped the ball on this one!

    Re: Charlie Angus
    I love it!

  3. Was hopeful for Angus to come out, but having the Liberals speak out on it as well gives me a bit more hope.

  4. Marc Garneau
    He seems to always be a level headed politician. Then again, I would not expect anything less from a former Astronaut. Too bad he’s not interested in leading the liberal party.

  5. Marc Garneau hit the nail on the head. I believe the exact line in question is 29.22 1C. Could be mistaken, though.

  6. Extend it t cover all exceptions
    If you are going to limit the application of the digital lock provisions, it should apply to any activity allowed by the fair dealing exceptions.

    Also, to be effective, the law must not limit the distribution of tools to remove those digital locks.

  7. Dwight Williams says:

    Kudos to Messrs. Garneau and Angus on these points!