Alberta Introduces Bill to Block Patriot Act Disclosures

The Alberta government last week introduced Bill 20, which is designed to stop compelled disclosures of personal information under the USA Patriot Act.  The bill creates fines of up to $500,000 for violating provincial laws governing disclosure of records.  The fines arise for violation of the following provision:

"A person must not wilfully disclose personal information to which this Act applies pursuant to a subpoena, warrant or order issued or made by a court, person or body having no jurisdiction in Alberta to compel the production of information or pursuant to a rule of court that is not binding in Alberta."

With B.C. and Alberta leading the way on this issue, the pressure for action at the federal level should continue to grow.


  1. B.C. Leading the Way?
    Hmm, maybe someday all the people in B.C. will finally get the medical data back out of American hands. Plus, maybe there will be no more incidences of American police arresting Canadian citizens on B.C. soil which is a complete mockery of our sovereignty (I remember two incidences of that sort of thing happening). 🙁

  2. Don Bailey says:

    Thanks BC, Alberta
    Thanks for doing more to protect my rights than my own US Government. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get a Canadian Internet Service Provider down her in Denver.

  3. Anonymous says:

    While Bill 20 does allow for greater protection from the Patriot Act, the real important aspect of the legislation in Alberta is to block the public’s right to aquire ministerial briefing material through the FOIP process. While it may look like they are concerned with the privacy of the citizens, the legislation is designed to further protect the government’s own butt.

  4. Albertan
    Whose to say an Alberta court wouldn’t simply rubber stamp a U.S. Patriot Act request?
    There is no doubt that the main purpose of Bill 20 is to restrict Albertan’s access to info. that would be embarassing for the current gov’t. Prof. Geist is looking like an apologist for the most secretive gov’t in Canada.

  5. Anonymous says:

    did you notice the 2 passenger aircraft carved into the edmonton world trade center.
    how ironic,2 planes ,not one or three but two ,world trade center edmonton,
    does this ring any bells.
    From A alert citizen.