Berners-Lee on Net Neutrality

Tyler Hamilton of the Toronto Star has an interview with Tim Berners-Lee in which the WWW founder expresses concern about a two-tier Internet.

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  1. ThePortableConsultant says:

    Barriers to Entry
    I see the efforts by telcos and others to wring more cash out of the ‘Net (by charging for “assured access” or “assured email” – under the guise of anti-spam concerns) as extremely dangerous to the Internet.

    The ‘Net has reduced the barriers to entry to the point that one can begin a business or communicate with the world for less than $25 per month with inexpensive hosted services.

    There are large organizations that are extremely threatened by the new business models the Internet now permits. Open Source software is one of them. P2P media distribution is another.

    “Assured Access” will only be one of the attempts they will make to maintain their position in the market and the status quo.

    Good luck to us all. We’ll need it to maintain our newly acquired power as consumers.