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The New C-47 Provisions

As I blogged earlier this week, the Industry Committee made some noteworthy changes to the Olympic Marks bill.  While the posting focused on the inclusion of protection for parody and electronic media, the revised bill also includes a new provision to protect artistic work that is not produced on a commercial scale.  The two new provisions are:

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G8 Set To Adopt Maximalist IP Agenda

While climate change has dominated the discussion at the G8 meeting in Germany, the summit document includes an ambitious intellectual property agenda.  There is the usual talk linking stronger IP to greater innovation and the prospect of greater international IP cooperation and enforcement (as well as an IPR Task Force), yet also noteworthy is an agenda that responds to WIPO and OECD initiatives. 

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June 7, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

CRTC To Impose Tough Conditions on CTV-CHUM Merger

The Canadian Press is reporting this evening that the CRTC will set tough conditions on approval for the CTV – CHUM merger, including the sale of some or all City-TV stations. Formal announcement expected Friday morning.

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