Because the Hollywood Lobby Isn’t Strong Enough

Don Bell, a Liberal MP, yesterday introduced Bill C-453, the Canadian Motion Picture Secretariat Act.  The bill would create a new government-backed secretariat, comprised of industry officials, to provide the House of Commons with reports every six months on potential legislative reforms to support the industry.


  1. What??
    I can’t tell you what I really want to say right now, because this reply would be full of explicatives.

    As if lobbying wasn’t enough, the Canadian government is encouraging greedy executives to lurk around parliament to lie through their teeth and oppress the public with their strong-arm anti-freedom tactics?

    No thanks, now…. [explicative] [explicative] [explicative] [explicative] …


  2. Dwight Williams says:

    Yet again…amazing.
    There are no other words for this.

  3. representing Cdn interests
    Will they represent Canadian interests? We all know how well the CRIA represents Canadian artists (hint: Canadian Independent Record Production Association and of Nettwerk and the like)

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