Radios, Cellphones, and iPods

Statistics Canada is out with data on radio listening habits in Canada.  For anyone who has walked around a university campus seeing most students either chatting on cellphones or listening to music on their iPods, the results are not a surprise – people under the age of 25 don't listen to much radio anymore.


  1. Funny, when I went to university I had neither a cellphone nor an iPod but I still didn\’t listen to much radio. About the only times I listen to the radio (then or now) is when my alarm goes off and when I\’m in the car.

    My children, when shopping for MP3 players, look for ones that have radio tuners so they can listen to the radio when they are on the bus.

    I would draw a causal link between the rise of mobile technologies and the decline of radio.

  2. oops… insert “not” between “would” and “draw”…

    read first, then press “submit”…

  3. Bob Jonkman says:

    But how many of those MP3 players are playing podcasts of radio broadcasts? Since the CBC has expanded its podcast offerings I hardly listen to over-the-air broadcasts any more, but I’m listening to more CBC shows than ever before. The audio quality is way better than over-the-air, and I get to listen when I’m available, rather than catching the last five minutes of what might have been a wonderful hour-long show.