What Is Net Neutrality?

The Canadian Research Alliance for Community Innovation and Networking (CRACIN), a research network comprised of academics and community technology practitioners from across the country, has just launched, a welcome addition to the net neutrality debate.

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  1. Example…
    Cory Doctorow generally has a pretty good example on explaining network neutrality:

    Imagine calling up your local pizzeria, only instead of being asked what toppings you want, you\’re told that this pizzeria hasn\’t paid for \”guaranteed service\” and that you can either wait a few minutes to connect to them or can connect to our preferred pizza place [Dominoes/Pizza Hut/what-have-you] right away.

    The best generic way that I can find to describe how net neutrality is: you\’ve paid for your Internet connection and the owner of the website you\’re connecting to has paid for their Internet connection. End of story. Any further charges for \”guaranteed delivery\” would only be because the ISP wants to double-dip.

    An ISPs job is to spend the money that you pay them on connecting you to other sites over the backbone, and that\’s IT.