Calling in Your Regrets on the Canadian DMCA

Cory Doctorow points to an event being organized on Facebook to meet with Industry Minister Jim Prentice at his open house in Calgary on Saturday.  If you are in Calgary, the open house runs from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Saturday, December 8th at 1318 Centre Street NE, Suite 105.  If you can't attend, Cory has a great idea:

Not in Calgary? NO PROBLEM! Plan on calling the Minister tomorrow or on dropping him an email, expressing your regrets that you can't attend the open house, but letting him know how you feel. Here are the numbers:

Ottawa office – (613) 992-4275
Calgary office – (403) 216-7777
Minister office – (613) 995-9001

His email address is: Once you send an email, print it out and mail it (no stamp needed!) to:

Jim Prentice
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

As the commercials always say, operators are standing by, so call now. 


  1. Deb Johnson says:

    There, just did my phone call to convey my regrets that I can’t be there in person to deliver the message. Nice lady on the phone. Said that she’d pass along the message.

  2. I sent one
    I mailed him a letter- the people need to plead with our government to place our interests ahead of a private industry’s… this is a sad day in Canada.

  3. I’m calling Prentice tomorrow, called my MP yesterday, will write letters to all involved (but type them) and mail it off – including, as many members of Industry and Culture I can, Stephane Dions office to encourage his battle of ideologies stance he has spoken of recently.

  4. Why is there a furor when the bill hasn’t been tabled yet ? We haven’t even SEEN the thing and everyone is getting worked into a frenzy ! I’m tracking the news quite avidly, and hold opinions similar to those typically expressed on this blog (and by its readers) but is this tempest really justified before we know what we’re up against ? Who knows, maybe it’ll be great.

  5. Deb Johnson says:

    The text of the bill is already known Anon. That is why we want to stop it dead in its tracks. The information about what is contained within the legislation is known.

  6. anon
    My Google skills are failing me and I can’t find the text of the bill. Where can I find it ?

  7. Deb Johnson says:

    The text of the bill hasn’t been released yet. That will only happen after they table it in Parliament, as is expected next week.

    But, there has been solid information as to what it contains. See this post [ link ] by Cory Doctorow on what it does contain. This is what it says.

  8. Ivar Vasara says:

    Deb, in one post you tell anonymous that the text of the bill is known, but two posts later you state that it hasn\’t been released yet. I trust Cory Doctorow, but he doesn\’t state how he knows what the bill states, nor does he even claim to have seen it.. just a laundry list of bad things. Without something more concrete, all this rallying of the troops is looking premature. I feel firmly about these issues, but I don\’t want to undermine our credibility by potentially yelling that the sky is falling.

  9. Ivar Vasara says:

    sorry for cross posting – I moved ‘sources’ discussion to boing boing thread ( [ link ] )

  10. Anon — The information you’re looking for (with links for references) can be found on this page:

    [ link ]

  11. I have just returned from chatting with Minister Prentice. I am pleased by the turn out he got. In the half hour I was there (between 1:30 and 2:00) I would estimate there was about one hundred people who wanted to discuss copyright reform and about thirty who didn’t. He was, of course, unwilling to discuss the specifics of what is in the bill. He was equally unwilling to discuss the lack of transparency in the creation of the bill. I expressed my concerns and why I have these concerns and we will see where it goes from here. I will definitely be taking him up on his kind offer of sending him my comments after the bill has been tabled.

  12. I was at Minister Prentice’s office today also. It was a very interesting exchange with the Minister being very defensive. He pretty much admitted to consulting with Industry interests and the US Ambassador to Canada but when pushed on why he didn’t consult Canadians he claimed we had been consulted adequately in the past by the Liberals!

    He claimed that our chance for input would be given once the legislation is tabled in Parliament and that there was no intention to pass it quickly before Xmas.

    He commented that the main motivation for introducing the legislation was to comply with the WIPO treaty and that Canada had been criticized for not passing legislation to comply with the treaty. He wouldn’t give specifics on who this criticism was from but did say it was from our “Trading Partners”.

  13. Here are photos from the event – I hope they are visible to all – I am not sure if I set it up correctly.

    [ link ]

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