Canadian DMCA Placed on the Notice Paper

As expected, the government has placed the new copyright bill on the Notice Paper for next week.  This confirms widespread rumours that Industry Minister Jim Prentice will introduce the Canadian DMCA next week, most likely on Tuesday.


  1. Deb Johnson says:

    Well, at least, thanks to your wake up call, along with others, we’ve got some lead on having this “sprung” on us by surprise.

    All I can say is, please, if you read this comment, I urge you to contact your MP by email. Then hit print, print out the email, stick it in an envelope, and mail it, free of charge to their Parliament Hill office. It is only with a flood of emails, faxes, and paper letters that the government will realize what a VAST mistake this legislation is.

  2. I just got off the phone with Peggy Nash’s office in Ottawa, she will act in the interest of consumers and apparently there will be a new site next week by Nash regarding this debacle, the guy I was talking to also mentioned Geist being involved and recommended his site, lol and the facebook group which is excellent.

  3. Deb Johnson says:

    Just submitted this story to Slashdot. I\’ll submit to Digg as well.

  4. Deb Johnson says:

    Submitted to Digg, and BoingBoing

  5. Is this expected to cover P2P downloading for personal use of “copyrighted” materiaL?

  6. Where is the bill?
    Is the text of the bill available? Where can I read it?

  7. Deb Johnson says:

    This is to David, and Ryan. I think this post of Cory Doctorows’ will answer both your questions. Short form, yes to David, and not available to Ryan, but we’ve heard what it will contain [ link ]
    That is known.

  8. Ivar Vasara says:

    Deb, the boingboing link you provide isn\’t authoritative nor does it claim to be. Please could someone link to something more substantial ?

  9. Ivar Vasara says:

    I moved ‘sources’ discussion to boing boing thread ( [ link ] )

  10. Deb Johnson says:

    I’ve gone through the blog archive here, and come up with 4 different blog postings that Dr. Geist has done, that details how he came about to know what is contained in the forthcoming Copyright Bill, and why we should be screaming that the sky is falling.

    10 Questions to ask of Minister Prentice
    [ link ]

    The Canadian DMCA – what can you do?
    [ link ]

    Details begin to emerge on Forthcoming Copyright Bill
    [ link ]

    Here comes the DMCA
    [ link ]

  11. Hi Deb Johnson,

    What good does it do to write my MP when they just write back, “Thank you for your concern on [issue]. My stance is with my party… yadda, yadda, yadda.”?

    Three different MP’s….

    Five total issues….

    Same responses 🙁

    It’s a joke.

  12. I haven’t seen anything about this on the news, has anyone sent messages to CBC, CTV, Global or any other news orgs for TV, newspapers, radio or stuff like that?

  13. It’s a Parliamentary system. Don\’t expect to get a response from your MP that offers you much more than a re-statement of his or her party\’s position. Just hope that your feedback will have some impact when the bill comes up for discussion.

  14. Call your MP if the email route isnt working, yah its a little more work but I mean c’mon.

  15. freshwatermermaid says:

    MP form letter response
    If your MP replies with a form letter, go straight to the top of their party. The leadership tend not to like that sort of thing, because direct messages from constituents equals votes. If your MP blows you off, send the same letter with a stern note to the leader of the party (whichever one) and the house leader. Everyone wants your vote in the next election, so if you make it about them being accountable to you, they’ll respond.

    It’s worthwhile to get these letters to the leadership anyway.

  16. Harper is taking away all of our freedoms. He’s a spineless slave to the U.S and he has a Pedo hair cut- f*ck him!!!!