Canwest on Copyright Reform

Canwest features a story on possible copyright reform, focusing on the lobbying from the U.S. government – including a forthcoming trip to the U.S. by members of the IP Caucus – and the continued concern of thousands of Canadians.

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  1. Steve Lloyd says:

    Canwest Article in Vancouver Sun
    I sent the following to Sarah Schmidt (the author), the editorial page of the Vancouver Sun, and my MP Don Bell this morning. Please forgive any inaccuracies but if they exist it is due to sincere intent, frustration with an opaque process, and lack of my morning coffee……

    “A short note to say thank you for helping to keep this contentious and controversial subject in the public eye.

    While I feel you did give a fair and balanced look into the issue I think it is incorrect that the Federal Government pulled proposed legislation at the last minute because “the Canadian legislation too closely resembled the US law”. I believe it was because of public concern that there had been little to no consultation with Canadian stakeholders such as the ISPs and the consumers themselves.

    CBC Radio One’s Search Engine show ran a segment on this issue November 29th 2007, shortly before the original legislation was originally to be introduced. It caused some of the highest volume of responses from the listening audience ever seen by the show. Michael Geist ([ link ]) posed a series of question to Industry Minister Jim Prentice at the time. I do not believe the Minister ever took CBC up on the offer to respond ([ link ]).

    It is almost offensive that US lawmakers and special interest groups should be given access to Canadian MPs that are working on OUR legislation. Particularly when it appears that they may have had more visability and input into what that legislation might look like than I have.

    In addition to Chris Brand (whom was quoted in your article) and Michael Geist, a great resource on this topic can be found at Digital Copyright Canada ([ link ]).


    Steve Lloyd”