Angus Raises Copyright During Question Period

Fresh off the Canadian Press story that the suggests a copyright bill delay, copyright reform made it back onto the floor of the House of Commons.  NDP MP Charlie Angus posed two questions (audio) (video) (transcript) to Industry Minister Jim Prentice, packing in the LeBreton comment about the dangers of Facebook, the French report of a three strikes and you're out approach for Canada, the influence of the U.S. in lobbying for a Canadian DMCA, the prospect of a few exceptions like time shifting to pacify users, DMCA-style reforms that would lock down devices like Apple's iPhone, and the commitment to tabling the WIPO treaties for debate for introducing implementing legislation.  Prentice flubbed his tried and true line about working with the Minister of Canadian Heritage to strike a balance between "consumers and industrial consumers."


  1. Ian Marsman says:

    I’m not an open maw, waiting to be filled with what top-down ‘producers’ wish to fill me with and I don’t want the rules written to their specifications. Jim Prentice in this video has the expression of a cat with a canary in its mouth hoping everyone is stupid enough not to notice.

  2. We ALL Know What’s Coming… SO!!!!
    Look, we all know whats coming from these clowns so why don’t we get out ahead of them and start educating Canadian young and old as to how much of THEIR future is at stake with this legislation.

    TOO MANY people still do not know the hell the big fuss is about and that’s what Jim-bo and Steve-o are counting on.

    So lets start doing something beyond Facebook petitions (which are CLOSED to the unregistered – sorta counter-intuitive don’t yah think!) and start going door-to-door digitally with all the information every Canadian deserves to make an informed decision in the soon to be too short debate.

    We need an OPEN and COORDINATED attack on these guys and their industry spooks who refuse to show their evil gluttonous faces in the light of a democratic day

  3. Balance
    Prentice blurted he wants “balance” between consumers and industry. The thing is, we elected him and not the industry. But he seems to be representing them, not us. I’m not going to vote for this lot again (yup, I did vote for them last time).

  4. Democracy
    I can’t believe my ears.
    ‘await the copyright bill… at that time he can debate’
    What!? That was a suggestion, but, sounds more like an order. In otherwords, Prentice and party are not welcoming any debate in a democratic sense.

    Angus, in my opinion, is right in saying we must separate counterfeiters/bootleggers from casual downloads and/or viewers.