The Globe and Mail on C-61

The Globe and Mail publishes its masthead editorial on C-61.  The verdict?  While supportive of the intent of copyright reform, it notes the concern over how the bill mirrors the DMCA and expresses disappointment over the failure to extend and adapt fair dealing, stating that:

Perhaps the Conservatives do not seriously expect Bill C-61 to pass in this apparently moribund Parliament. Jim Prentice, the Minister of Industry, has promised a consultation in the fall. It would have made more sense to do this before the bill was introduced in June. Even so, House of Commons and Senate committees may also examine it.

The editorial concludes that "Bill C-61, in short, is a work that stands in need of some growth and some refinement."


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    As ever
    The G&M is guilty of perhaps little more than understatement here.

  2. pass the bill
    no no , lets support it and completely bankrupt ….EVERYONE, when we all have nothing but fines to pay, we cant buy anything…..
    and then when we cant pay , we end up in jail at 40,000 per year.

    can i get an ipod in prison???

  3. A careful “two-sided “G&M
    Interesting for Globe to suggest/support for consultation (balance?) at this point in time. Also interesting it waited 2 weeks following their copyright Lobby meeting in Ottawa on July 31st to print this editorial. Hmmmm… undecided, two-sided, or just placating some readers?