CBC Argues for Regulated Cable

The CBC has called for a pared-down basic all-Canadian cable package with content and price to be set by CRTC.


  1. Personally, I support CBC’s proposal for a pared-down all-Canadian cable package. The $38 I pay monthly for basic cable is a complete waste of money, when in part, I only watch half-a-dozen stations. Most, if not all, programs are endless repeats to no end. To that end, should the CRTC ruled in favor of CBC’s proposal and implement a pared-down all-Canadian cable package, what is to stop the cable provider from increasing yearly prices; we’re back to square one. It’s just sheer greediness on both the Networks and Cable providers.

  2. Mr.
    I agree with the CBC. Howbout a basic cable package that’s just local stations for $10 a month. That’s all I want.

  3. One of the few moments of insight and lucidity these days from the CBC. But it won’t fly. Bell, Rogers and the commercial broadcasters will all oppose it. Anyway, at the rate CBC TV is going, nobody would want to choose to pay for it. Even the news has been downgraded to CNN/Fox garbage quality.

  4. North of 49 says:

    CBC could be better, but…
    Hey, 2bad, I’d pay for it if I could buy — at a reasonable price — only those channels I want.

    We might be outliers, but the only appointment television in our house these days is CBC and Newsworld, Rogers Sportsnet for hockey, and occasionally PBS. The rest of our viewing is DVDs.

    If we could pay “a la carte” we’d probably get Discovery channel, Food channel, TSN, maybe one or two others, but since they come bundled with a whole lot of other uninteresting channels it’s not worth it.

  5. Sounds good to me!
    I’d like to also be able to pick-and-pay for only what I watch… which is Space, TeleToon East and CBC West… three channels and I have to have a $50/mo. StarChoice package to get my three :-

    If I could get that for $10 from cable, that’d be super!

  6. Rudimentary Basic and a la Carte for the win
    I’d definitely go for a very, very basic ‘basic’ cable package if the price and channels were chosen as the lowest common denominator for both. Give us a reasonable a la carte for subscriptions above and beyond that basic and I’d be so happy. Like everyone else, we watch a very limited selection of television and find the extra trash bundled in with our favourites to be a complete waste of our money. While we understand that some people worship fluffy rah-rah news, shabby reality shows and tired sitcoms, we just don’t want to pay for them if we’re the pulp space opera and crime drama types.

    Just keep the basic very basic in terms of price and selection, keep it and the a la carte prices sane. Otherwise, we need to elect leaders who’ll re-nationalize our infrastructure and ensure equal access for all companies willing to pay for use and maintenance of the common resource.