Swedish Minister To Demand ACTA Be Opened Up

Swedish Communications Minister Åsa Torstensson visits Washington, DC next week with a meeting with the USTR on the agenda. According to a press release , the message on ACTA will be simple: open up the process to the public and do not adopt a three-strikes model.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    Pleased with this.
    Very pleased in fact. I hope that Minister Torstensson gets the desired results.

  2. I wish her luck
    Because I have this suspicion that she’ll need it. With the USTR unfortunately being involved, she will have some major convincing to do… The other question is, does the USTR even have the authority to agree to open it up, much less give up on the three accusations model (I’d love to see this go to the courts in the US)? Or does that reside in the Office of The President? or even Congress?

  3. *we* should be doing this. Whether the results are positive or not.

  4. says:

    Thank you
    For linkin in. ACTA can be opened up if we just put enough pressure on it.

    /The Werebuild cluster.

  5. Jeremiah C. Foster says:

    ACTA will be changed – or it will be ignored.

    What ACTA and other similar ridiculous pieces of legislation are doing is pushing people towards encryption. Once you have widely adopted encryption, you’ll have a vast darknet containing not just copyrighted material but industrial secrets, child pornography, and various nefarious crud that the world might be better off not seeing.

    What needs to happen is corporations that rely on copyright for enforcement of their so-called business model must move to something that suits the consumer and not try to create governmental interference – that will only backfire.

  6. Ã…sa Torstensson has got somewhat of a bad reputation after opposing amendments to the EU telecoms package that would make HADOPI systems impossible. Maybe she is trying to improve her public image.

    In the end I don’t care that much about her reasons though. If she manages to send a strong message to US representatives then that’s a good thing.

  7. She doesn’t even know the contents of the treaty since she hasn’t read it
    Swedish media reports (in Swedish) that the minister has not read the treaty and doesn’t know what it contains. She says in an interview that she hopes to start a discussion about the contents of it – and then she may be able to get some insights.

    This looks more and more like a PR stunt. I still hope something can come out of it, but I’m getting doubtful.

  8. She doesn’t even know the contents of the treaty since she hasn’t read it
    The link didn’t seem to get included. It is:

  9. Don’t worry. She won’t. She’s not one of the good guys.

  10. Tor: Of course it’s a PR stunt. That’s all those old guard politicians ever do. We don’t need new laws – we need a new generation of honest politicians.