Thousands Take to the Streets to Protest ACTA

The protests against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement continue to spread in cities across Europe. The protests began in Poland, where thousands have taken to the streets and opposition politicians have worn Guy Fawkes masks in protest against the country signing the agreement last week. The scenes from Poland are remarkable, demonstrating the widespread anger over the decision to join ACTA.

This weekend the protests have spread beyond Poland, with hundreds protesting in the Czech Republic, Belgium, and in cities across France including Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux (further Paris video here). There have also been reports of smaller protests in London and Dublin. The ACTA protests appear to be spreading as there are plans for protests next week in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Sweden. A full rundown of protest plans can be found here.  The European Parliament is scheduled to vote on the agreement later this year.


  1. President – Management Systems Consulting, Inc. (USA)
    Thousands Take to the Streets to Protest ACTA. When will these stupid bureaucrats, politicians and Global-Corporations realize that We the Planetary People will not be suppressed any longer. Free flow of information and Truth is paramount to our Planetary survival.

  2. What’s really sick is that the local media Vancouver Sun/The Province have nothing on their sites about the protest. Hmm I wonder who has something to gain to introduce stricter copyrights in onder to kill the indie media/news blog sites.

    People here are too complacent to protest over their rights here.

  3. Poland leading another transformational, populist grassroots uprising again ~ memories of Lech Walesa. Obywateli Polski jednoczyć

    “Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing a song of angry men?
    It is the music of a people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!”

    (Les Miserables
    Alain Boublil / James Fenton / Herbert Kretzmer / Claude-Michel Schönberg)

  4. Thank you to the good people of Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France and UK.
    Thank you… Keep up the fight, don’t give up.
    In Canada the ignorant powers at be, signed without understanding.

  5. …facepalm
    God dammit Tod, this isn’t the right time.

  6. protests
    pretending the opposition doesn’t exist, eh? (or just firing them)

    that’ll drive people into a system that does work.

    or so encumber it with security it stops functioning.


  7. Louis Cipher says:

    IT Consultant
    the best part of all this is the realization that it’s just big business trying to resist change. the film industry currently makes about 65% of its income from technologies that it once said would put it out of business, and spent millions lobbying against.

    funny how that works out

  8. AkaneSukishima says:

    True, true
    I agree with Luis Cipher… it sort of reminds me of all of those copyright claims TV Toukyou makes on all these youtube videos, when it’s those videos gaining them more popularity, publicity and in the end, inevitably more money. The publicity such sites as youtube and wikipedia give them is a valuable asset they don’t want because they are parranoyed they will steall all their attention, and no one will pay for anything any more. That is ridiculous, considering half if not more, (65% if I quote you correctly Luis) of the money they recieve is from the publicity and fanbases gained by such easy viewing. It should be considered complimentary advertising, it is increasing the views around the world, and making access to their material easier, thus increasing their sales potentials.
    All of these bills, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA ETC are all very stupid because of what I just said. Thank you world for having at least some people who can look beyond the immediate scope and use logic.

  9. Hit Back!
    Don’t do if for yourself, do it for the kids…..

  10. Black March Boycott ……Movies, Music and Video Games
    Black March Boycott, do NOT buy Movies, Music and Video Games for the entire month of March. Send a clear message to the entertainment industries and hurt them at their profit margin.

    google it and spread the word……

  11. 30 000
    It started in Poland :