The TPP Impact on New Zealand’s Public Domain

Gareth Hughes, a New Zealand Green Party MP, has posted on the impact of extending the term of copyright in New Zealand from life plus 50 years to life plus 70 years as demanded by the Trans Pacific Partnership. Hughes calls attention to many leading NZ works that would be locked out of the public domain for decades.

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  1. Our Green Party MP
    Well, that’s interesting: since last year we also have a Green Party MP. Let’s see if our Green Party made any recent statements about the SOPA/PIPA protests, EPP, ACTA…
    Zip. Nothing. Nada. Not even about Bill C-11. What a disgrace. And what a difference with this:
    I remember seeing an interview with Elizabeth “Canada doesn’t need a Pirate Party” May. Well, either get off your behinds and worry about the Digital Environment, or “yes, we do”.