Our Own Creative Land

I am pleased to announce that I will be delivering the 2006 Hart House Lecture at the University of Toronto on March 30, 2006.  The title of my lecture is Our Own Creative Land: Cultural Monopoly and the Trouble With Copyright.  Organizers are printing a copy of the lecture, which will be recorded for broadcast on television and radio.  The lecture will be held at the Hart House Great Hall and tickets (no charge) are available online at the U of T Ticket Office.  The lecture will weave together a number of themes that I have focused on in recent months including reflecting on the Bulte incident, highlighting the opportunities presented by the Internet, placing the current round of copyright reform in context, and sketching out an alternative, forward-looking vision of Canadian copyright law.

One Comment

  1. Podcast?
    Will U of T be offering up the lecture for free download ala Stanford’s lecture series on iTunes?