House of Commons Video Clip Service

I've written recently about the unfortunate restrictions on the use of House of Commons video clips for parody and other purposes.  Kevin McArthur has responded by launching Mycelium, which allows bloggers to easily create embeddable clips of the Question Period stream.


  1. Resource
    That’s a great resource, thank you; I’ve bookmarked it.

  2. Kevin McArthur says:

    Thanks for the link Michael, I hope that people find the service useful and that it doesnt ruffle too many feathers. I think its on the right side of fair-dealing, but afaik no one has ever done this before and I’ve gotten a lot of mixed messages about whether this is ‘ok’.

    I’d like to thank Garth Turner though, who set me up with the right technical people to make this a reality. With his and his technical advisor’s advice it got completed and hopefully I’ll be able to add a lot more to the service soon.

    As always, for the governmental types reading this, if you want it gone just tell the speaker to send me a letter and thats all it will take.