Public Safety and National Security Committee Releases Counterfeiting Report

The Public Safety and National Security Committee has released its report on counterfeiting (I appeared before the committee in the spring).  The report makes 14 recommendations, most of which unsurprisingly track the recommendations from the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network.  These include criminal remedies in the Trademarks Act, inclusion of copyright within Proceeds of Crime legislation, beefed up border security measures, and anti-counterfeiting education.

There are two key differences from the CACN report.  First, the committee identifies several governmental changes to its anti-counterfeiting effort including designating the Minister of Public Safety as the minister responsible for combatting counterfeiting, requiring an Interdepartmental IP Working Group to submit its recommendations by October 2007, and developing mechanisms for better data collection on counterfeiting and piracy. Second, the committee did not recommend WIPO ratification as advocated during the committee hearings.  Moreover, the committee rejected the CACN's calls for new anti-circumvention legislation, including criminal provisions for trafficking in circumvention devices. A second report on counterfeiting from the Industry Committee is expected within the next few days.

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