TorrentSpy Ordered To Track Users

CNET is reporting a federal court in California has ordered TorrentSpy to create and maintain logs of user activity. The company is appealing the order.


  1. What about says:

    So just because I use TorrentSpy to download software, music or art in general by artists and creators that CHOSE to release it freely to the public—I shall be tracked \”just in case\”?

    What are the chances of a software defect or even abuse of the system to take down innocent users that are using TorrentSpy for legitimate reasons?

    I can imagine that \”if your IP address, ISP says you were downloading illegal X, then you are guilty until proven innocent\”…

    Folks… accidents happen and software defects are more common than you think, and relying on these sites to monitor traffic will lead to a lot of false positives in the end and innocent people will be treat like criminals. This is of course what the MPAA and RIAA would like.

  2. PirateBay
    PirateBay for your torrents and New York Indians for your cigarettes. If you are doing something that might cost you money or land you in court you need to be dealing with people that protect their records.