Made Worse in Canada – The Video Version

A recent entrant in the C-61 in 61 Seconds competition.


  1. Andrius ( says:

    Weel its the same in lithuania, maybe all politicians have to watch steal this film movie

    [ link ]

    It explains a lot to me that all figths againts dowloaders are unhopeful

  2. Canada
    1. Don’t listen to the whys and explinations from Liberals/Conservatives. Create your own dialog and vote to throw the improper party out of government but keep another in a position of calling an election.

    2. Consume less this hurts MPAA, RIAA, and governement lobbies they cannot force you to consume and don’t have the man power if they could, it would be a 3 day war and they would all be dead.

    3. Endorse free, open, and media machine free art, expression. Let music people go to Hollywood for their stardom, remember if you don’t itunes them or listen they go back to working at Burger King.

    4. You’re the consumer have your say, iPhone too expensive don’t buy one, bought one give it back don’t pay your bill, force change.

  3. Made me puke
    Oh man. I just tried to watch this but couldn\’t get through it. No offense to the editors of the video but oh man.

    What got me was the repetition of our elected officials marketing speeches. Pretty much from both sides. Is it too much to ask as a voter and tax payer for my elected officials to do a bit of research or homework before they represent me IN PARLIMENT?!?!? Come on?! Their presentations, albeit limited in time, sound like bits taken from wikipedia the night before then dumped into a power point template then faxed to them that morning for reading later that day. It\’s insulting. I do not want sound bites.

    I\’m sorry. Had to vent.

  4. Also editing Wikipedia

    If you read the Wikipedia article on Jim Prentice, you will find that Industry Canada staff was _editing_ Wikipedia.

    So, after that it becomes trivial: put whatever you want in Wikipedia, then present it in the Parliament. :)))))

  5. Not Wikipedia, U.S. government rather
    Actually, it wasn’t Wikipedia, but rather the US government, where conservatives likely got their speaking notes: [ link ]

    After that, here is what you do:

    – Get the speaking notes from the US government.
    – Edit Wikipedia to suit your needs.
    – Present your speech in the Parliament twice the same one, referring to Wikipedia.
    – PROFIT!


  6. Vote CPC out kill bill C61
    Well here’s our chance! Harper figures now is the time for an election, I couldn’t agree more. This LIFE LONG conservative supporter has been pushed over the edge by this complete sell-out harmful legislation. I personally encourage you to vote against this government to show your disapproval.

  7. Cautiosly voting

    If it were that easy… I remember Bill C-60 and Sam Bulte. So, I am cautiously voting NDP.

    But if you read the history of NDP on Wikipedia, you will understand why I am cautious here. They were popular, then became unpopular. Even now, nothing prevents them from not following through their promises. They are just less likely not to follow on their promises, than the two other parties.

    We need enough people spoiling ballots and ridiculing the elections process to show them that there is really no choice and we want choice.