U.S. Senators Call for ACTA Transparency

While the MPAA characterizes the calls for ACTA transparency as a distraction, at least two U.S. Senators do not agree.  Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VI) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) have written to USTR, asking that the ACTA text be made public.


  1. So those two want to get on the MPAA’s or the RIAA’s payroll eh?

  2. Quite the opposite
    If you were familiar with either of these gentlemen you would understand that comment is ridiculous- quite to the contrary they are the sole Senators who appear NOT to be in the pocket of big media.

    I see this proposed legislation as up there with the worst of the previous administrations witch hunt laws. This law benefits NOBODY other than a few media companies and will mean an end to the internet as we know it in the West.