Senate C-59 Committee Hearings Conclude

This evening's Senate Committee hearings on C-59, the movie camcording bill, went about as expected with the Senators passing the bill and generally voicing support.  That said, there was some skepticism – one Senator expressed doubt about whether this was a major problem, while another was surprised that the Canadian penalties exceed those found in California.  Toward the end of the hearing, the Senators quizzed the Justice Minister about the inconsistent industry numbers and asked whether it is true that the bill was written jointly by Oda and CMPDA.

One Comment

  1. Dorkmaster Flek says:

    Well, at least they\’re asking the same questions we\’ve been asking ourselves since the bill was unveiled. This at least gives me some hope that we won\’t be steamrolling into new copyright laws just yet, or at least not nearly as fast (and without due consideration) as the industry would like.